Take a traditional regatta and throw it away, then take a rowing boat, a small lake, DJ’s, commentators, a tight format and whizz up with a generous dollop of imagination, prove for three years, bake for 6 months… You have RO Osterley

It’s fast, explosive, brilliant, 200m racing in small boats.

2 hr format, no buoy lanes, and lively commentators.

We’re fundamentally linking the rowing and the crowd!  redefining a crowd pleaser!

Cash prizes mean the rowers will provide the action!

Voting on races means the spectators will provide the atmosphere!

With RedBull in the middle, RO is going to take OFF.

And guided by strong ethics of Clean Sport and Clean Water – We’re proud to have UK Anti Doping and the WWF at the event representing these for us.



Just 200m long it’s going to be fast!

There are no lane buoys so watch out, it’s going to get close

3 side by side – means that clashing will favour the 3rd guy, so don’t try and do it!

RO Vote – winners go through, but second placers will be voted off against each other by a public vote!  So you’d better find a way to get them on side!

You’ll need to stand out, the commentators will use your kit to pick you out, think horse racing! …Yellow Polka dots, green jersey, Superman…

Preliminary group stage in the morning selects for the main RO Event

The main RO Event is between 13:00 and 15:00.

Once you’re on the water, you stay on the water.

And remember, there is no restriction on boat design or sponsorship.

£12 to enter and there is a cash prize and nice little extras for the winner of each event!

Get more detail and Enter on the RO Events page…


This free event is only 2 hours, it’s not a day regatta!  So expect a lot to be crammed in!  We’ve kept the main event short to focus the atmosphere and really make it something to watch and be part of.

Bop along to our RedBull DJ, and cheer on your rowers with the RO Commentators.

Get ready to Vote! Selection needs you! You decide from two second placers who goes through.  Run by the Commentators, you are selecting our wild cards!

The rowers are going to be boating through the crowds so watch out and cheer them on!

If you fancy yourself as a hidden gym rowing machine monster, give RO Down a go, pit yourself against all of our athletes times, see where you rank! There’s a prize for the winner! Register on the day!

We’ll have refreshment and a beer stall

And if you fancy a go at rowing for the first time, head down to the Rock up’n RO beach.  We are very lucky that London Youth Rowing have brought their boats and a great team who work with youngsters all over London to deliver rowing to communities that would never do it!  Pop down and see what it’s about! No registration necessary!

Please remember this is park land, if it’s going to be wet please bring good footwear and adequate clothing.

Finally you are massively important in helping RO develop.  We want to hear your thoughts!  Please join up on the mailing list or get in touch at: hello@rororo.co


RO is for everyone. Older, younger, world champions, studying, never seen a boat before and just want to rock up and row, after work as the sun goes down, at night with a touch of glamour, in urban locations and in stunning scenery.

RO has categories to suit everyone and in locations for everyone to have fun.



If you know rowing, we’ve reclassified rowing. We have done this because so many people have suggested it!  Take a minute to get to know the new system

RO Sprints will use boats with 1 or 2 people in them and there are a few different types.

Thin sleek sporty numbers for those that know what they are doing.

Fat stable boats for those that don’t . . . and who’d like to stay out of the water.

RO-2-Women-2-ORs2 WOMEN & 2 ORs

RO-2-Men-2-ORs2 MEN & 2 ORs

1 WOMAN & 2 ORs

RO-1-Man-2-ORs1 MAN & 2 ORs


At RO Sprints we’ll have a variety of boats for people who’ve never rowed or who aren’t very experienced. They are fatter and more stable than normal racing boats and affectionately known as ‘tubs’.

Race on your own, with a mate or someone you’ve meet at an event.

They’re great fun, we find people get competitive very quickly and of course – there’s the obligatory selfies to be had.

Just rock up n’ row!


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